Mar. 13th, 2016

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Now this is lovely. This is what Science Fiction should be. Taking a concept that is odd and so different to the real world, and making it believable, acceptable, exploring its limits, showing how it effects the every day of its residents and through that making it believable.

Not that is generally considered SF. It's part detective noir/police procedural, part contemporary fantasy, science fantasy, weird fantasy, weird fiction, whatever. But it's what SF should be.

Also, I like the cover.
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I haven't been updating here on what I'm reading because I've been alternating between Terry Pratchett's City Watch sub-series and Lindsey Davies' Falco series (PI in Ancient Rome).

While I finished the last of the Pratchett book's last year, the next-mn line Falco book was a little... slow. It took me a couple of months to finish it. Really. While I like the books in this series set in Rome, the ones where they go travelling are actually quite boring. A lesson in how not to handle info dumps. Fortunately, the next one awaiting me is a Rome one.

Anyway, didn't seem a lot of point to updating a reading project in progress, although half of it is done now. So some general comments on the Pratchett books, actually one. They got better as they went one, which is interesting because they also got more... serious. Darker. However, the writing also improved. Technically, and also in depth. The depth of the writing, the characters, the emotions. And still able to make me laugh out loud.


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