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Finished Before the Frost. Good book. Gripping, held my interest, had me sitting downstairs wondering why I wasn't upstairs reading it. The interactions between Wallander and his daughter were touching and infuriating at once. An incredibly realistic portrayal of what felt like a real relationship. Mankell's dug his talons into his characters and he knows them inside out.

I think it's the best Wallander book I've read. Funny how a few years ago not many people in this country had heard of him. Now his books are all around, and we've seen British remakes of the tv adapations and two versions of Scandinavian original adaptations. Cool.

See, I'm happy to keep reading when there's one of those things, what're they called, oh, yeah...a PLOT.
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The next book to venture into my maw is Henning Mankell's Before the Frost. I bought this for my father, who's a fan, and now he's read it--he says it's a cracker--I decided to extract it from under the biscuit tin and have a go.

It's not for the fainthearted; it opens with a man burning some swans to death after luring them to him with food. Ew.

(I also bought him another crime book by a different Scandinavian author, but he didn't like that at all)


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