Jul. 25th, 2014

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Reading Zoe Fairbairn's Benefits, I have the vague feeling I've read it before. Aspects of it seem familiar, although almost any book that involves the women's movement seems to have the same factors: political lesbians, inability to agree any course of action, and women who drift in and out of involvement. It's possible it was one of my mother's books--I may yet find her copy, somewhere.

It's not a book that draws you in. It starts with a huge chunk of backstory before anything so mundane as a character appears. It also doesn't feel very SFnal. Or at all SFnal, to be frank. Perhaps it will venture into that territory eventually.

Not very impressed so far, although the young woman who insists 'there is no baby' is funny in a sad way.
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Cocaine Blues, by Kerry Greenwood.

Once the story actually starts it improves, and I guess if you read it fast enough, you don't notice the inconsistencies/continuity errors. If you want women with agency in your books, it shoved full of them, and it's amusing in places. But I don't care much for MCs who are perfect and wonderful and good at everything they do. Mark it as a "not for me" book.


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