Aug. 7th, 2014

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[ profile] monissaw gets her books from the library. I buy mine. She's more sensible than I am. Today we chose the YA (teen) book and the chick lit book. Chick lit had to be the worst possible genre name ever until cli fi came along.

The challenge book has to be available both here and in Australia, which ruled out one YA novel I did want to read: Claire Zorn's The Sky So Heavy. Just impossible to get that book here without visiting EvilCorp and paying ridiculous sums. So we settled on a book by Margo Lanagan, called Sea Hearts in Australia and The Brides of Rollrock Island over here. Looks good to me.

I've often wanted to try a Sophie Kinsella book--the covers look so much fun--and this challenge is the perfect excuse, er opportunity. So I suggested Can You Keep a Secret? My first choice was the first Shopaholic book, but I'm not sure I could get much enjoyment out of reading about debt. So we'll read the Secret book.

Progress :).
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Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead is the children's book for the Great Genre Challenge. Minor spoilers, sort of, but not really.

A few pages in, I thought I'd read this story before. Different names, different setting, different details, but the same story. Having finished it, I know I've read the story before. Kid's life is disrupted by Major Event and he has to deal with this along all the usual kid stuff like school, bullies, making/losing friends, but in the end everything ends happily, with bonus Cool Parents.

So I wonder, if this the sort of story adult writers think kids want to read (or should be reading?) because they can Relate To It. Or it's safe and reassuring and confirms the status quo?

Adds a note: I was not impressed by the large extract from another book at the end. Fortunately, I'd looked forward to see how much longer I had to read and realised the chapter headings at the end were a different font so most of the last bit was a different story. If publishers have to do this, can they at least mark the edges of the pages as being different?


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