Nov. 30th, 2014

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Two books from the bookshop at Campbell Town, which is full of little books you don't know existed but once you do, you must have them but they are expensive :( So I added some to book wishlist. And one from yesterday.


Of the two I took home from Campbell Town. one is a 1998 reprint of a 1898 account of a visit to Port Arthur in 1842, which I have also intended to actually read... one day. The other doesn't have a cover! This bookshop has a shelf of bushranger books, and I was happy to notice I had most of them. The non-fiction anyway. Little obscure novels not so many, and I was rather taken with a little hard back one but there was also this one which is a pulpy paperback and am fond of the old pulpy paperbacks, especially one they start approaching (or pass) their centenary. They also start getting ridiculously expensive, unless they have lost a cover or such. This one, at 93 years old has lost its front cover and has been repaired (with magic tape) but the spine is relatively complete. So squat hardback that would look a little odd on shelf vs pulpy paperback that might otherwise be very expensive. PB won. (It's a little novel purporting to be an account of the Kelly gang's exploits from the younger brother's POV that ends, of course, with him surviving. What is interesting, now I've actually looked at it, is that in the last pages the author uses the same idea that I used in this year's Nanonovel. Well, it seems an obvious idea really.)

Op shop yesterday. I had spent all my cash before going there (on lunch) but they have card facilities, although with a $10 minimum. You can probably guess the next bit. I found this little paperback copy one of the books on the Australian Classic shelf, and I needed a second copy so I could put in the Ballads & Songs shelf. And it was only $1. So I wandered about the shop (furniture, electrical, bric-a-brac-, overpriced bric-a-brac) trying to find something else to make it up to $10 without any luck. Then sister said she was coming and I could borrow $1 off her. So that worked.

Also, for some years I've had Volume II of Charles White's History of Australian Bushranging. Now that was originally published in 4 parts in little pulpy paperback format (I have two of these, from 1910 & 1921.) but more recently as part of the Australian Classics series as two hardbacks with dust jackets. So I have Volume 2, which for some reason I covered as part of the library course. To get a partner for it, I needed to get a matching book (and either cover it or remove this cover) or another set. A set is usually about $50, a single book half that. I didn't really want to pay that when I already have half of the set, yet finding Vol I on its own and in a matching format wasn't easy. Eventually, down in Hobart, I found the set for the same price as a single book, possibly because the cover was faded, but they matched. So they came home with me and were put on the bookshelf and the single volume was put aside. Then when I started the Aus Classics shelf, it was moved to there but still on its own and I was even less inclined to buy the set when I already have 2 copies of Vol II (not counting the paperbacks, which are half of II). So it sat there.

Yesterday, while at op shop waiting for sister, I wandered back over to the books in case I;d missed something. Their sorting is odd, like a book about how to use a technical calculator on the Biography shelf and in the middle of the kid's section is a shelf of "Old Classics" which has Catherine Cookson. I stopped to wonder about this and saw Volume I of History of Australian Bushranging, with some small tears on the jacket just off the spine. For $1!!!! I was wondering if it was indeed Volume I that I wanted when sister turned up and gave me $2. So I took a gamble, and it turned out the books were half price so only 50c and, yes, it's a perfect match for my existing book (except that one is a bit shinier on account of being covered) and repaired small tears don't show when its on the shelf. So that is one book problem fixed!

(And like I said, sometimes op shop people obviously check the value of the books, sometimes they don't.)


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