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This year I got all the big books. They might not look big there but try carrying a pile of them.

Most of my "history" books are reprints of primary sources or on narrow/specific topics because they're most useful. I'm not so keen on the big picture/popular history books. But I also feel I should have some for balance, and sometimes it is good look at someone else's "big picture". So if I have a chance to grab some, especially hardbacks in "as new" condition, for $5 or less, I will take it. Hence the big Fitsimon's books.

Now "The Peaks of Lyell" is one of the secondary source books I do want. Decent hardcover copies don't come cheap (it's a 40-50 year old publication) and I'm not paying $20-30 for a ratty looking book. $3 though, that will do to fill the hole until I get a better copy.

The landscape book there, that has full page colour pictures on each right-hand page, and full page at that size is a nice thing.

The little game hunting book, I got to reading it and I thought if I'm reading, it might be worth taking home.
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Actually I went to the Book Fair twice. At 10 am (it opened at 9 am) to see if there was anything interesting or appealing, then after noon (to closed at 1 pm) to get some half-price fiction and vampire books.


The first visit was a bit disappointing but I did find these two non-fiction books which look useful: The Victorian Tailor: techniques and patterns (and now I have 3 books on clothes, one more and they'll be entitled to their own part of a shelf) & the Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories (because you can't have too many books about word histories); and a novel. Then I saw the DVD table and grabbed a big handful of DVDs to put on the "well known movies" shelf. (My DVD collection is both specific and vague, but I know what belongs in it when I see it.)


When I came back I was mostly looking at fiction, that is small paperback crime books mostly written by women without any elements that I'll obviously dislike, it seems


But I also found these two books. I saw Children Remembered: responses to untimely death in the past the first time through, it was sitting on top of the Victorian tailor book but it looked a bit sad. But it is an interesting topic and for $1.50...

The White Chrysanthemum: changing images of Australian motherhood was on the Collectables tables, amongst the overpriced books about Tasmania & the old obscure books that no one wants. I didn't really expect to find anything there ten minutes before closing, but I picked up a pile of skinny magazine-format books and there it was. It's a collection of stories, journal extracts, pictures, poems and other sources about, well, what the title says. Looks rather interesting.
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Two more things from last week's book fair, and they're a bit odd. Over to one side was the table with "Tasmania" and "Collectables". Both of which, I assume, get picked over particularly closely so all that's left is stuff no one wants or relatively expensive books (expensive in BF terms, where most books are under $5). But then last year I found the Von Stieglitz bushranger booklet & a Clune book, so it's worth looking for the odd volume that appeals to me but not other people.


On my second pass I saw a boxed book, The Australasian Sketcher, 1880, a rather large volume that reprinted a year's worth of the Sketcher (an illustrated newspaper put out weekly or monthly by the publishers of the Melbourne Argus) in one volume.

Except it wasn't boxed, it was being looked at by a guy who seemed to like it very much and didn't seem particularly eager to put it down. I waited (and checked how much it would cost to buy elsewhere) and waited and decided that if he put it down and it was about $30, it was mine. He did, eventually, and it was $30.

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Today was the Friends of the Library Book Fair. Usually when I go I end up in the last hour (All fiction half price! All the books you can fit in a bag $5!) and mostly buy books because they're cheap and I might read them or something. One day. This year I wanted to go a bit earlier. Not at 9 am when it opened (too busy) but I was aiming for 10 am. I ended up there about ten minutes before that. Still busy, but not too crowded. I ended up with two bags of interesting books, well three but that third one just had one large book in it.


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