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It's no good. I can't persist with Gone Girl. Nick's bits are all right but Amy's girly nonsense makes me put the book down every time. So soon Gone Girl will be a Gone Book.

Le sigh.

It's not that I expect every book I pick up to be wonderful, but it would be nice if they were at least readable.

In other news, Dad has been reading Blackmoor and finding with it many of the same faults I found. He suggests the author is consciously imitating D.H. Lawrence. Hmm, maybe. At this stage it's 'don't know; don't care' for me.

In other other news, Something Wicked This Way Comes has not come to light. I've reached the point where I'm thinking maybe I imagined the book entirely, or left it in the taxi, even though I have memories of bringing it into the house. Who knows?

Le double sigh.
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I was going to read Something Wicked This Way Comes in bed last night, in fact I was looking forward to it, but the book has disappeared. The damn house has eaten it. And it had only been here less than a day *wipes away tear*. Seriously, I cannot find it anywhere.

I know it was here by the computer because I was looking at it while writing the entry about its recent acquisition. Dad remembers seeing it sitting on top of the Dickens biography. That book is on the printer but the Bradbury book is not. I've looked downstairs. I've looked upstairs. I've peered down the back of the cupboard the printer sits on with a torch. I cannot find the Bradbury. 'Tis gone.

So instead I started reading Gone Girl (in the absence of the Gone Book). So far, so meh. Colour me unimpressed. In fact, when we switched from Nick to Amy and she started gushing in a schoolgirly way, I put the book down smartish.

Where oh where has my Bradbury gone? Where oh where can it be?


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