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1 Massacre at eureka
2 History of the Australian gold rushes
3 Women of eureka
4 19th century writings on homosexuality
5 1900 house
6 Underground
7 By Derwent divided
8 Pioneer women of the bush and outback
9 Martin cash
10 Convicts of the Fingal valley
11 A harbour large enough to admit a whole fleet
12 Mounted police
13 Confessions of a Victorian police officer
14 Heroes, rogues & lovers
15 Stranger in the house
16 Forgotten voices
17 History of underclothes
18 The time traveller's guide to medieval England
19 Gentlemen's art of dressing with economy
20 Kelly gang unmasked
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For me, The Romans: From Village to Empire by Mary T. Boatwright, Daniel J. Gargola and Richard J.A. Talbert.

The Romans

For Monissaw, History of the Australian Gold Rushes: By Those who were There, edited by Nancy Keesing.

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I went along the bookshelves and listed twenty of my unread non-fiction books, largely as I came to them. I skipped a who's who of the Ancient World because I couldn't imagine it was intended to be read cover to cover in the first place.

1. Short Circuit
2. The Romans
3. Roman Roads
4. I, Caesar
5. Rome at War
6. Fighting Techniques of the Ancient World
7. The Horse, the Wheel and Language
8. English Local History
9. Folklore, Myths and Customs of Britain
10. Women All on Fire
11. The Putney Debates of 1647
12. Sea Life in Nelson's Time
13. Log of the Centurion
14. Empire of the Seas
15. The Greatest Benefit to Mankind
16. Cat vs. Cat
17. Dr Echener's Dream Machine
18. 1000
19. The Incredible Voyage
20. Carteret's Voyage Round the World (in two vols)



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