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On the way to the Pharmacy I dropped in at the Co-op to peruse their charity books. The charity they're supporting this year is the Alzheimer's Society, which is an added incentive to buy paperbacks for 50p.

The Letters of the Younger Pliny, translated by Betty Radice (A Penguin classic. Bit bent.)
The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad.

You can view those of my Rome books that I've catalogued here: Romans Go Home!.
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The Cannae book arrived today. When I went to give feedback on Alibris, apparently I'd already done so. Probably I confused the Fall of Carthage book, which I bought from the Hive, with this book by the same author. Eh. Dozy.

I might have mentioned, were I giving feedback correctly, that I don't expect a book described as new to have a slight slash in the cover. Probably happened when someone got over-enthusiastic when cutting open the box. But it's not important enough to fuss about, especially when you know what happened to my previous copy....

At some point I need to reorganise my books yet again, in order to bring the Roman ones together. Or more together. More shelf space is needed!
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Two books on the go at the moment, at least theoretically. The Romans, from the non-fiction challenge, and the book I bought after seeing it on [livejournal.com profile] drasecretcampus's FB page: England Swings SF, edited by Judith Merril.

I'm two stories into the Merril book. The first one, 'The Island' by Roger Jones, I didn't enjoy all that much. It has a decent premise: three men on a small island who are carrying out actions they don't understand for reasons they don't know. There's enough detail cleverly inserted to enable the reader to make a good guess at what's going on, but the writing itself is stilted and formal, with too much telling. I can see it making a decent tv play.

With the second story, 'Ne Deja Vu Pas' by Josephine Saxton, I was left with a feeling I've often had before: Why is this not a classic of the genre? It's a marvellous little story about what happens when you transgress the borders of spacetime. Sometimes you have to shake your head over the vagaries of fame. It's all you can do.


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