Feb. 7th, 2014

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Before I talk about the books I picked up yesterday while we were trawling a different local town from the usual, after our exciting purchase of A Brand New Bed, I'd just like to mention the book I found today at the flea market in the usual local town.

Printed Ephemera Cover

Printed Ephemera is a hardback and was published in 1962 and cost £5 5s (which my dad has pointed out is actually five guineas). A lot of money at a time when a paperback novel cost maybe 2s and 6d. The book itself is in good condition but the dust jacket has seen better days. Someone had attempted to repair it with sticky tape, which has, over time, transferred its brown sticky to the paper, making that unsightly and itself useless. Five to ten minutes were spent applying much Magic Tape to this problem, but the brown stains are probably permanent. Shame. Copies of this book are selling on Alibris from ~£30 upwards. I got mine for £1.

Okay, onto yesterday's books:

Harold Shipman: Prescription for Murder by Brian Whittle and Jean Ritchie;
Corsaireville: The Lost Domain of the Flying Boat by Graham Coster;
Bats Sing, Mice Giggle: The Surprising Science of Animals' Inner Lives by Karen Shanor and Jagmeet Kanwal;
The Meadow: Kashmir 1995--Where the Terror Began by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark;
To the Poles (Without a Beard): The Polar Adventures of a World Record-Breaking Woman by Catharine Hartley
English Journeys: A Collection, comprising One Green Field by Edward Thomas; English Folk Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams and A.L. Lloyd; Some Country Houses and Their Owners by James Lees-Milne; Through England on a Side-Saddle by Celia Fiennes and Voices of Akenfield by Ronald Blythe.

A non-fiction extravangza, it appears.


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